Popliteus Injury

by admin on January 1, 2012

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The Popliteus is a tiny flesh located during a behind of a knee joint. It is obliged for inner (medial) revolution of a Tibia (shin bone) as good as for ‘unlocking’ a knee corner when tortuous a knee from a entirely lengthened (straightened) position. Essentially it initiates knee flexion (bending).

Its alternative functions embody progressing fortitude of a corner by assisting a posterior cruciate vinculum to forestall forwards transformation of a Femur (thigh bone).

How is Popliteus injured?

Posterior knee suffering outset from Popliteus can start in a following ways:

Overuse: Poor biomechanics (movement patterns) or precision errors can lead to popliteus tendinopathy.

Increased tone: The popliteus becomes parsimonious as well as spasms. This can start following operation or where there is determined corner swelling, or with bad quadriceps or injure leg tendon strength.

Acute injury: The Popliteus can be harmed following falls where a knee is true as well as is afterwards forced in to hyperextension (over-straightening). Popliteus tears have been mostly compared with posterior cruciate vinculum tears.

What have been a symptoms?

  • Pain during a behind of a knee joint.
  • Tenderness upon palpation (pressing) a muscle.
  • Pain or annoy upon resisted knee flexion when a Tibia is outwardly (laterally) rotated.
  • Tight hamstrings have been a usual underline (e.g. reduction than 80 degrees hip flexion).
  • In cases where a flesh has tightened considerably, full knee prolongation might be absent, or uncomfortable.

What can a contestant do?

  • Rest from aggravating activities.
  • Stretch a hamstrings multiform times a day.

What can a sports damage veteran do?

  • Fully consider a damage as well as impute for imaging if required.
  • Apply sports rub a body techniques to a muscle.
  • Prescribe NSAID’s (anti-inflammatories) such as ibuprofen if necessary.
  • Apply ultrasound.
  • Suggest a reconstruction module to make firm both a quadriceps as well as a hamstrings.
  • A corticosteroid injection might be used if a on top of diagnosis fails.

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